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Rain And Ashes

In a world that is so divine we try and think if the evil can be rewind. As we begin to glide through the quiet street, please remember the boy who wanted his heart to beat. Every time the cold rain stings your face, please remember why we must hide our lover’s ashes so we can keep up the pace. And at the end when death leaves a shivering tone, please remember why humanity will never leave you alone. 

Once upon a time there was an old and dusty town. There was a time when the town was pure and rich with green grass and puffy bees fluttering around the divine rested flowers. The citizens were filled with glee as their rosy checks began to blister cherry red with every smile. But one day it stopped raining. The green grass and puffy bees vanished without a trace. The people’s faces began to decay and smiles were carved into frowns. The town’s beloved mayor and his three perfect daughters sucked up all the wealth. Through the dusty town you can see a house that had smoke simmering up the chimney. Inside the house you can see a husband and wife near the fire place. But look closer and you will see their deformed son inside a cage, shivering from the cold. The boy’s heart could never beat. He always dreamed with a smile on his face, if he could know what humanity felt like. His naked body is filled with bumps and bruises from constant punishment. His face is wrinkled and leathery as a piece of flesh was dangling down his chin. His eyes were bright red. His feet and head were bigger then his whole torso. The boy had no name since his mother and father thinks a monster like him shouldn’t obtain a name. The only food that the parents gave him was scraps from the garbage. 

One day the mayor of the town smashed through the front door of the boy’s home. The mayor’s face was pale as snow and his eyes were dead with a spark of dread. "I’ve personally have been going to other homes for monthly payment and now you must give me yours," the Mayor said. The husband looked at the mayor in fear and said, "Ever since the rain stopped we couldn’t get enough money to pay." The Mayor’s smile turned frigid and said, "Then die for your refusal." The Mayor grabbed the boy’s parents and threw them into the fire place. The parents were screaming in agony as the flesh was melting off their body. The Mayor looked at the boy and said, "I am not sorry for your parent’s death. They had denied my cruelty and abused my patience. I have always known that this rebellion would occur. You shall stay in your cage and smell your parents flesh so you can remember my power." The Mayor slammed the door shut. The boy tried to wiggle and shift inside his cage to try and get out. The cage door is locked and the key is buried inside his parent’s ashes. Without hesitation the boy yanked a tooth from his mouth. 

As the blood squired on the floor he could feel his warm and raw gums that once held the tooth. The boy began to sharpen his tooth against the cage bars. The tooth began turn into a pick. He put the tooth inside the lock chamber and got out off the cage. He ran swiftly towards his parents ashes. The dry and musty smoke made his eyes water. As tears began to shower over the ashes, a baby vulture had raised beneath it. The vulture looked fragile and tiny. "Feed me," the vulture said. The boy walked towards the cage and took his tooth. He gazed at his pinky finger and begins to slice it off with his sharp tooth. The boy’s lips began to curl up into a ball from the pain. He looked away from his finger and tried to not think about how hard it would be for him when it was time to cut threw the bone. After he sliced his finger he put it against the bird’s mouth. The bird began to feed on the finger. Then suddenly the bird got bigger. It became an adult vulture in seconds. With a piece of flesh hanging inside the birds mouth it said, "Your warmth has blessed me with life. How can I return the favor?" The boy looked at the vulture with a smile and said, "Can you make me into a human boy." The air was stale and quiet as the boy is waiting for a reply. "I will make you a human, but you must realize that it is not always pleasant." The boy nodded his head and said, "I want this."

The vulture looked at the child and said, "The world is a cruel place to live in. You were lucky to live in that cage. Your parents loved you in there own way and they wanted to protect you from what is outside of that front door. In order to become human you must complete three tasks. You have already completed two of them. The first task showed that you have the strength to survive by trying to get out of the cage. Second was the kindness you gave me by cutting off your finger. Now it is time for the final task."
The bird suddenly began to age. The bird’s eyes became shallow and his feathers were falling off. Its skin became leathery and its breathe became hard and loud as it merged into the stale air. "Why are you aging," the boy said. The bird became clumsy as its legs rattled uncontrollable. "Life must end my child and it always will be replaced. Now let me go and prepare you for your last task." An hour later the old vulture came in with three perfect little girls. One had the most beautiful hair. The second had the best set of eyes. 

And the third had the finest smile. The bird said, "You have given me life and now you must take it away from these girls." The boy put his head down and said, "No." The bird gazed at the boy and said, "Then your fate has been written." The bird had dropped to the ground dead. The Mayor opened the front door and threw the boy into the fire place. A few minutes later the boy’s ashes were laid beside his parents. Then a swarm of citizens came and toke the Mayor and his three daughters and stomped on them to death. A gust of rain sprinkled on the town. People were filled with glee again. Rain had fallen inside the chimney of the boy’s house and planted itself on top of the ashes. A human boy had crawled out of the ashes. And he jointed the people as everybody was dancing for freedom and humanity.

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