High Life | By: Nicholas Edmund Shea | | Category: lyric - Other Type Song Bookmark and Share

High Life

Be a crutch to the polluted sunflowers
Shading in multiple colors
The sun poisons them with light
Only to captivate their euphoric night
With cool winds being a pleasant sight
Imagined to be the color white

Come now under the willow
Listen to the beat beside the tide
Let your weariness act as a pillow
Drape yourself with how you tried
Find which way the people saw mellow
Walking the country roads so slow
Check the haunted forests till you know
Which way to go
In search of the polluted sunflowers
Hiding from the color yellow

Settle now to be gone again
Disappear like winter in the moonlight
But donít forget where you been
Cause Iím your only friend
Take to the lonesome highway
Trust canít be in what they say
Cast yourself and return some other day
Change will continue to stay
Equal people will continue to decay
And politics will continue on to Broadway
The time is now, flutter in the world that is astray
Maybe someday, youíll find the polluted sunflowers
And get them to stay
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