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The Beginnings Begun

Itís a helpless plant, with no meaning
Blooming to the beat, of the seasons changing
Opening wide to catch the sun before it falls
Beneath the land, as night calls it to rest
Feeling the misty crisp midnight air
Leaving dew to the leaves, and crystals to the buds
Get all you can, the time wonít come again
Say good bye to the white headed duds
Popping their home made disco bombs
Keep to nature, it will show you the way
Take to the country, to think your thoughts away
Break out from all thatís wrong here
Start again when the snow has no flow
When the forest begins to fill
And when all ripe seeds start to grow
By that time the world will transform
From rainy springs to summer storms
Budding new life for living things
A high time in my mind
A beautiful time to be kind
Open up your arms to he the loner
Knows only of what he has experienced
About wasting time on his own
And to hold love never to far away
To be reached at one simple step
Where it will never be taken astray
On an endless road with no where to go
Caught in limbo, with only one tree to see
The rest subterranean flat lands scattered for miles
Shallow pot holes gained my only trust
And turned my doubtful optimism to dust
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